Bible Lessons & Articles

My aim is to produce a compilation of lessons and articles on various biblical and theological topics, for the purpose of strengthening the brethren in the faith once for all handed down to the saints.  This is my work in progress.  Feel free to use these materials as you see fit.  Perhaps your only use of them will be personal study.  In any case, I pray that they may be put to good use for the edification of God’s people.  I also welcome any feedback from those who read/use these resources.  I am always endeavoring to improve my biblical knowledge, theology, and writing.  Please check back often for new lessons and articles.

1689 Baptist Confession of Faith

General Outline of the Confession In his commentary on the 1689 BCF, Sam Waldron sees a four-part structure to the Confession.  However, while his outline is not invalid, I think it’s better to see a six-part structure to the thematic layout of the Confession.  This is my understanding of it. 1 page

Introduction: An Overview of Its History, Contents & Importance As is true of all confessions of faith, the 1689 BCF has a historical background.  This is an overview of its key historical features, as well as its content and sources, and of the importance of the use of confessions.  I truly believe that an understanding of these things will help us to have a greater appreciation for the Confession. 7 pages

A Covenant Outline of the 1689 Confession (by Gary Carter) This is an outline of the 1689 Confession by my pastor, Gary Carter.  He sums up each chapter of the Confession from a covenantal perspective; that is, he expresses the significance of each chapter in relation to God’s Covenant of Grace. 1 page

The Revelation of God & the Holy Scriptures (Ch. 1, Para. 1) This first paragraph of the Confession is not only foundational to the rest of the Chapter, but to the Confession at large.  It discusses the revelation of God, which is the manifestation of the knowledge and will of God, and the purpose and necessity of the Scriptures.  Most importantly, it lays out a foundational doctrine to the Evangelical faith, sola Scriptura (Scripture alone). 12 pages


Holy Scripture: Instructed in It, Teaching from It In this lesson I take a look at a key passage on the nature and purpose of the Scriptures (2 Timothy 3:14-17).  First I look at the doctrine of the inspiration of Scripture, then the importance of being instructed in the Scriptures, and finally the importance of teaching from the Scriptures. 12 pages

Scripture Alone (Book) A review of James White’s book, Scripture Alone: Exploring the Bible’s Accuracy, Authority, and Authenticity. 2 pages


Knowing God The knowledge of God is an important theme throughout Scripture, relating especially to the nature of salvation (e.g. Jn. 17:3; 2 Cor. 4:6).  There are, however, other significances that directly relate to this primary significance. 3 pages

The Trinity (Handout Sheet) A simple, single page handout consisting of a definition of the Trinity, an illustration, its importance, and suggestions for further study. 1 page

The Ten Commandments A summary of the Ten Commandments, along with brief commentary, divided up into its two parts (love God and love your neighbor).  The 10 Commandments reveal to us God’s holiness and justice, as well as our responsibilities toward God and man.  It also convicts us of sin and drives us to Christ.  Print this off on card stock, hang it on your wall or refrigerator, and study it often. 2 pages


Jesus Christ: Prophet, Priest & King A study through the Messianic offices of Jesus, constituting His work of redemption.  For each office I give brief consideration to the Old Testament types and prophecies, followed by the New Testament fulfillment, theological significance, and application.  This was originally taught as a three-part series. 18 pages


The Gospel (Good News) of Grace: Finding Forgiveness of Sins through Jesus Christ This is a gospel presentation, outlined in the following way: God & Creation, Man & Sin, Christ & Salvation, Repentance & Faith, Church & Discipleship.  It’s a good resource to study in order to assist in evangelism, or you can simply pass it along to an unsaved friend, co-worker, or family member. 2 pages

The Doctrines of Grace These doctrines, often referenced with the acronym T.U.L.I.P., are all about God’s glory and grace in the gospel.  Although these teachings are not well-received in our day by many Evangelicals, they are nonetheless thoroughly Scriptural, which is what I attempt to demonstrate in this lesson. 3 pages

All of Grace A study on Titus 2:11-14, showing how the entire Christian life, from our initial moment of salvation (i.e. justification) to its culmination in glory, is all of grace.  This was originally preached as a sermon. 3 pages

The Sanctification of the Believer: Positional, Progressive & Perfect Sanctification is an important part of our salvation that spans the moment of our conversion to our entrance into glory.  This lesson defines sanctification, discusses its various aspects, and exhorts Christians to discipline themselves in the daily reading and memorization of Scripture for spiritual growth. 4 pages

Our Spiritual Exodus A sermon on Colossians 1:13-14.  There is a clear allusion here to the Exodus event in the Old Testament (Exod. 12).  This sermon expounds upon our spiritual bondage, God’s powerful and gracious redemption, and the means of that redemption.  I conclude by showing the relation of this text to the overarching theme of Colossians – the supremacy of Christ in His person and the sufficiency of Christ in His redeeming work. 6 pages

Christ & Glory A study on Colossians 3:1-4, which teaches the blessedness of our union with Christ and our sure hope of glory, and what this means for how we are to live.  The theme of our lives should be “Christ and glory.”  The structure of this passage is as follows: I. The Command: Seek the Things Above, II. The Reason: Union with Christ, III. The Promise: Our Glorification with Christ. 6 pages

Exclusivism vs. Inclusivism: A Brief Case for the Exclusive Nature of the Gospel & Salvation Is general revelation sufficient to save?  Can people be saved apart from a knowledge of Jesus Christ as revealed in the gospel?  Unfortunately, many professing Christians today would answer “Yes!”.  The Bible, on the other hand, is quite clear that there is no salvation apart from the knowledge of Christ in the gospel.  This article defends this exclusive nature of the gospel and salvation, and briefly articulates why there seems to be a rise of inclusivism in our day. 4 pages

Church & Ministry

Marks of A Biblical Church What are the characteristics and commitments of the Church?  What are some important things you should see being practiced at your local church?  Acts 2:42 is a solid core, but there are more things to consider. 2 pages

The Heart of Church Life A sermon from Acts 2:42, looking at the central elements of church life: devotion to Scripture, fellowship, the Lord’s Supper, and prayer. 6 pages

God-Centered & God-Glorifying Gospel Ministry According to the Apostle Paul In this brief lesson/article I draw out 5 essential principles of a God-centered and God-glorifying gospel ministry from 2 Corinthians 4:1-6.  This is one of the greatest passages in the NT on the subject of gospel ministry. 2 pages

On the Character of A True Theologian This is a review of a little booklet, On the Character of a True Theologian, by Herman Witsius, a Dutch pastor and theologian of the 17th and early 18th Centuries.  Witsius provides sound wisdom regarding the preparation and discipline of the Christian minister. 4 pages

Evangelism & Missions

The Great Commission: What Is It and How Is It Obeyed? A comprehensive look at the Great Commission found in Matthew 28:17-20.  Faithful obedience to the Great Commission must be grounded in a proper understanding of what it is and why it exists. 4 pages

Church Planting Basics Based on Acts 11:19-30, this lesson looks at the fundamental elements of the church planting process (evangelism, encouragement, teaching, enabling). 3 pages

Great Commission Chart & Layout A breakdown of the five Great Commission passages (Matt. 28:17-20; Mk. 16:15-16; Lk. 24:46-49; Jn. 20:21; Acts 1:8), accompanied by a comprehensive list of the nature and components of missions. 1 page

Homosexuality & Evangelism An attempt at bringing biblical clarity and responsiveness to this volatile subject.  In this lesson I answer the question, “How are we to respond to the homosexual agenda?”.  The simple answer is evangelism, upon which I elaborate. 4 pages

Preparations for Evangelism: Seven Disciplines for a Faithful and Effective Witness This article takes you through seven key disciplines for a faithful and effective witness.  The purpose is to help Christians be better prepared in communicating the biblical gospel. 7 pages

Book Review: A Vision for Missions (by Tom Wells)  This book will help revive an essential, though forgotten, emphasis in missions — the knowledge and glory of God.  Wells demonstrates that the primary focus of missions is God, and that those who know Him best are the best equipped and qualified to serve on the mission field.  I highly recommend this book. 3 pages

Eschatology (Last Things)

The Destiny of the Unevangelized & the Nature of Hell This is a paper I wrote during my undergraduate studies.  It deals with two serious theological issues in our day: What will happen with those who never hear the gospel, and does the Bible teach eternal punishment in Hell or annihilationism?  I make a defense for the classical/conservative view for each issue. 4 pages

Biblical Theology

The Trinitarian Nature of Christianity: A Doctrinal Overview & Scriptural Compilation The Trinity is fundamental and essential to the Christian faith and life.  Christianity is trinitarian, through and through (e.g. baptism, worship, prayer, salvation).  I attempt to demonstrate as much in this very important lesson (see accompanying handout sheet). 5 pages

Acts: A Theological Overview A birds-eye view of the book of Acts, tracing out key themes, such as kingdom, witness, and gospel expansion.  I also take a look at the historical-theological significance of the day of Pentecost. 4 pages


Your Personal Library: For Bible Students A list of 30 books, with the last five dedicated to Reformed Baptist theology, that I recommend for Bible students.  Obviously, 30 books is not exhaustive when it comes to Bible students, but this list is intended to provide some guidance to those just starting out in their Bible study endeavors. 1 page


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