Bible Inserts

These are intended to be printed as half-sheets, placed within your Bible, and utilized as evangelistic and/or apologetic guides on various topics.  They can be used as quick reference guides while engaging non-Christians in evangelism, or studied beforehand for preparation.  Each insert consists of two pages.  If you print them as a half-sheet, then you’ll get two inserts per sheet of paper (give one to another person).  I like to print them as quarter sheets (four pages per one side of the printing paper).  That way you get four inserts per sheet of paper and you have three additional ones to give to friends.

The Trinity & Deity of Jesus in the Writings of Ante-Nicene Fathers This is a selection of writings by Ante-Nicene Fathers on the Trinity and Deity of Jesus Christ.  Since Jehovah’s Witnesses and Muslims, for example, commonly assert that these doctrines were invented by man at the Council of Nicaea (A.D. 325), it’s good to have some solid and thorough quotes by early church fathers who clearly taught the Trinity and Deity of Jesus way before Nicaea. 2 pages

Nicene & Athanasian Creeds The doctrine of the Trinity is one of the most attacked doctrines of the Christian faith.  For this reason it’s not only important to be ready to provide a biblical defense of the Trinity, but to also be familiar with the Trinitarian creeds of the early Church, most notably the Nicene and Athanasian Creeds. 2 pages

The Four Pillars of the Gospel (NASB Version) (ESV Version) In essence, the gospel is the good news about what God has done in and through Jesus Christ to reconcile sinners to Himself.  One way in which we can help people understand the gospel more fully is by presenting to them, what I like to call, “the four pillars of the gospel”.  These pillars are God, Man, Christ, and Command/Response.  This Bible insert briefly explains each pillar, accompanied with key Scriptures. 2 pages

The Ten Commandments The 10 Commandments are so important for evangelism.  They reveal to us the holiness of God and His will for man.  Yet, they likewise expose us of our sin (e.g. Rom. 3:19-20), for we have not kept God’s law.  This is intended to drive people to Christ, who has kept the law in our place (e.g. Gal. 3:24).  This Bible insert contains a summary of the 10 Commandments, a brief commentary on each, and key Scriptures for further reflection. 2 pages

Proverbs for Use in Evangelism The book of Proverbs is a book of wisdom (instruction, insight, rebuke).  Many verses in Proverbs are very useful in evangelism, and it would be wise of you (pun intended) to commit some of these verses to memory. 2 pages

No Evil Dwells with God: Christ, the Holy & Righteous Mediator This is a gospel presentation and can be used as a sermon guide during an open-air preaching setting.  The structure of this gospel presentation is the holiness of God, the sinfulness of man, the holiness and righteousness of Jesus Christ, and the call to repent and believe. 2 pages


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