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For a while now I’ve been writing my own gospel tracts and making them available for other Christians to use.  While I do believe personal (conversational) evangelism is the best kind of evangelism, gospel tracts are still a wonderful means of spreading the good news of Jesus Christ.  They serve as a means to get the gospel into the hands of the lost if there is no opportunity for conversation, or they can be used as a supplement to conversational evangelism.  I often find that handing a person a tract opens up a door for conversation.  Charles Spurgeon said,

When preaching and private talk are not available, you have a tract read, and this is often an effectual method.  Some tracts would not convert a beetle; there is not enough in them to interest a fly.  Get good striking tracts, or none at all.  But a telling, touching gospel tract may often be the seed of eternal life; therefore, do not go out without your tracts.

Spurgeon, the “Prince of Preachers,” used gospel tracts, for he recognized their importance.  By “good striking tracts” he means tracks with good, biblical content.  While tracts are a great way of spreading the gospel, all too often I come across tracts that either have very little Scriptural content or tracts that are outright unbiblical.  We need gospel tracts that have a good amount of biblical material, provide clear explanations, and faithfully communicate the truth of Jesus Christ and the salvation He has accomplished for sinners.

I have sought to produce such tracts.  I always aim to produce a simple outline, with clear explanations, and key Scriptures.  We want to make sure that we don’t water down the gospel, but at the same time we want to make sure that we present the gospel in as understandable a fashion as possible.  I pray that you find these tracts biblical and useful.  May the Lord use them for His glory in the salvation of lost souls.

Gospel Tract #1 (“Good News of Grace”; Bookmark Style; Front & Back; 5 per sheet; The font looks really small in the pdf, but once it’s printed, the font is easily readable.  Also, there’s a third, blank page in the pdf.  Just ignore that.)

Gospel Tract #2 (Brochure Style; 2 per sheet or 4 per sheet if you want them really small)

Gospel Tract #3 (“The Four Pillars of the Gospel: God, Man, Christ, Command”; Regular Printout; 3 pages)

Note: You may have to do a few trial prints before you figure out exactly how you need to go about printing Gospel tracts #1 and #2.  While I definitely recommend using cardstock for these tracts, I would use regular printing paper for the trial prints.


10 thoughts on “Gospel Tracts

  1. Nice tracts. Printing tip: if you do have a printer that does front to back printing on the same page, choose the option to print both sides and flip along short edge for tracts one and two, flip along long edge for tract three. Just a little advice. God bless.

  2. This is amazing! I’m personally struggling with the deep desire of wanting to evangelize but not exactly knowing how. I’ve evangelized before but recently I’ve discovered a lot of misconceptions about the gospel that I was taught as a new believer and that has radically changed my perspective on how things are done vs. how they should be done. Through the wisdom given to me by the Holy Spirit, the Word has become living and has been a light to me. For example, before I was taught to say to people, one of the four: “Receive Jesus, “”Accept Jesus,” “Jesus loves you” or “God bless you” and hand them a tract but I believe that the method employed was ineffective. Coming to contact with the sound doctrine of saved by grace alone and faith alone through Christ alone, I’m battling now with returning to the streets and preaching the good news in the city but not really knowing what to say. What do you say to people in the city streets who are in a rush and who want nothing to do with God? Do you have any tips? I would really appreciate it.

    • Hi yaritzatorres,

      Thank you for commenting! That’s really good to hear about you learning about the biblical truth of salvation by grace alone, through faith alone, in Christ alone. It’s also really good to hear about your desire to faithfully communicate the gospel to people in the streets. May the Lord continue to fan that flame of passion for making known the glory of Jesus Christ to sinners in need of a Savior.

      I think it might be a wise and good idea to perhaps take a little break from evangelism for the purpose of spending more time preparing yourself to more accurately communicate the truth of God’s word. After all, you want to make sure that what you’re saying is biblical, and that you can defend your position from the Scripture. There are plenty of useful resources out there to build you up in the area of evangelism. Let me just recommend two books to you though:

      1. Tell the Truth (by Will Metzger): This is an extremely popular book that very clearly and very forcefully makes an argument for biblical evangelism. Metzger also takes the time to examine common, modern day approaches to evangelism that are not biblical, and then contrasts them with the biblical approach. He also has a useful diagram that can be memorized to assist in guiding one along in evangelism. Lastly, Metzger communicates both law and gospel, which is of course biblical evangelism. Much more could be said about this book. I will simply encourage you to read it to find out for yourself. http://goo.gl/9vdCf3

      2. What Is the Gospel? (by Greg Gilbert): This may be a small book, but it packs a powerful punch. It’s actually one of my favorite books, because it succinctly and clearly lays out the biblical gospel, demonstrating from the Scripture the following framework: God, man, Christ, response. Having an understanding of this gospel framework will prove to be very helpful and effective in evangelism. http://goo.gl/MUOhF5

      These two resources will provide a solid foundation to help you in your earnestness to faithfully communicate the biblical gospel with clarity and grace. Let me conclude by saying that I am a big fan of gospel tracts. While I love engaging people in conversation (lately I’ve been having long conversations with two Jehovah’s Witnesses on a weekly basis at my apartment), gospel tracts are a wonderful means of spreading the gospel to people when you don’t necessarily have the time to enter into conversation (whatever the reason may be). Further, handing someone a gospel tract may actually open up a door to engage someone in conversation. It just provides an easier transition into conversation, rather than merely walking up to someone and saying something like, “Hey, has anyone ever told you about the gospel before?”. Though that’s not a bad thing, gospel tracts provide a point of reference. It gives the person something to look at and perhaps carry home with them.

      Well, I hope this helps. And keep looking around at some articles on my blog. You might come across other useful resources.

      Grace and peace,


  3. I’m a pastor in a Hispanic Church and it is hard to find Christians tracks with a Reformed Baptist background, I do have the one it said “lets pray asking Jesus into your heart…” and I like the one I saw here in this Web site but too bad the are not in Spanish. I’m also changing our church to a multi ethnic. I strongly believe every church should be multiethnic instead of dividing people by ethnicity. I wish you can make this tracks in Spanish. Thank you and God bless this ministry Pastor Elias Cuevas ecuevaspapa@hotmail.com

    • Elias,

      Sorry for the huge delay in responding to your comment. I’ve been extremely busy and have not been on my blog in a while. I’m actually in the process of learning Spanish, so there may come a time when I start writing gospel tracts in Spanish. However, feel free to take whatever material I have written on my blog and translate it into Spanish. There’s no copy right on anything. Just use it for the glory of God brother!

      Grace and peace.

  4. Thank you for this wonderful resource. I was searching for some solid gospel tracts that could be printed in a small size and your bookmark style tract was perfect! I am mailing out 600 hand lettering kits for my small business this Christmas season and each package will contain a gospel tract thanks to this invaluable resource. Thank you for the work you put into this and for making it available to others like me. God bless! SDG

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