Articles & Lessons

Evangelism Is Not A Dirty WordThe following articles and lessons deal with various areas and concerns of evangelism.  The compiled materials are links to or pdf files of the writings of other individuals (except for “Summary Guide to Evangelism,” which is a little something I put together).  For lessons and articles on evangelism that I have written, please click HERE.  It is my prayer that these materials may be utilized by God’s Church for the purpose of developing a biblical understanding of evangelism and be all the more prepared and motivated to take the gospel to the lost.  Be sure to check back regularly for updated materials.

Presenting the Gospel (by Matt Slick) What is the biblical approach or method of presenting the gospel?  This is an excellent summary of the importance of the use of the Law in evangelism, helping people to see the reality and consequence of their sin, and therefore their need of Christ.

What Is Biblical Evangelism? (by Tony Miano) A wonderful and concise explanation of evangelism from a biblical-theological perspective.  This is a good foundation to begin with when considering the nature of evangelism.

Our Urgent Necessity for Evangelistic Power (by Josef Urban) An exhortation to the Church to seek God for renewal and revival.  This is a sobering and convicting article, calling on Christians to seek the face of the Lord with humility and diligence in prayer.  Sound doctrine is not sufficient, we must go out with the unction of the Holy Spirit, and this will only happen when we whole-heartedly rely on God and stop distracting ourselves with the things of the world.

Keys for Effective Evangelism (by Josef Urban) Four keys that will prepare and equip you to be a faithful witness of Jesus Christ our Lord.

“Would Christ Be Able to Forgive Me?” (by Josh Williamson) This is a blog post by Josh Williamson, an Australian pastor and evangelist ministering in the UK.  It is an account of an open-air preaching event he had, and I found it to be a wonderful example of both how the Lord uses open-air preaching and how open-air preaching should be done.

Summary Guide to Evangelism (by Drew Mery) This is a bookmark printout (4 per sheet).  There is a front and a back (if you print it out that way).  On the front is a summary guide to evangelism – the usefulness of the Law in evangelism, and the gospel framework.  The backside consists of a summary of the 10 Commandments, with brief commentary.  Print this off and use it as a study guide for evangelism.

The (Lost) Art of Street Preaching – Must It Be Resurrected? (by Geoffrey Kirkland) This article presents nine reasons why street preaching should be considered as a valid way of presenting the gospel of Jesus Christ.


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