New Page: “Apologetics”

I put a new page up today: Apologetics.  You can find it under the “Resources” page/tab.  Apologetics has always been a part of my Christian life; but I’ve recently started getting more involved with it.  The ministry of James White, of Alpha & Omega Ministries, is a huge influence and encouragement to me in this area (Thank you Dr. White!).  However, I’m also planning for future ministry in Italy, which is of course dominated by Roman Catholicism, even if only nominally.  For that reason I’ve been doing a lot of reading on Roman Catholicism, and I’m starting to do more writing on it as well.  Further, since Islam is becoming more and more popular worldwide, I have decided to make this a central focus in my apologetic endeavors.  While I am interested in apologetics in other areas, and will certainly post on various topics, these two areas — Roman Catholicism and Islam — are of greatest concern to me.  For this reason I am also in the process of learning Italian (for some months now, at the time of this writing) and Arabic (Modern Standard).  Although I don’t have a lot on the apologetics page at this time, I do anticpate adding to it quite regularly.  Today I actually started working on an article in defense of the Deity of Jesus in response to a specific Islamic article that attacks this fundamental doctrine of our faith.  I should have this article posted to the page soon.  So, please check out the apologetics page, and check back regularly.

Soli Deo Gloria


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