Two Debates on the Bible & the Quran (James White vs. Adnan Rashid)

These two debates focus on foundational issues between Christians and Muslims — the reliability of the Bible and the Quran.  These are, after all, the holy books of Christians and Muslims respectively.  Both claim to be the word of God.  Both cannot be right.  The first debate focuses on the reliability of the Bible, particularly the New Testament.  The second debate focuses on the reliability of the Quran.  In these debates James White demonstrates the importance of having a free transmission of the texts or manuscripts of the Bible, establishing the ability to recognize the original writings (i.e. the autographs).  Further, Dr. White, yet again, demonstrates that Muslim apologists must utilize a double standard in their apologetical approach, using one standard to argue against the Bible, while using a different standard to argue in favor of the Quran.  This especially comes out in the second debate, which is very exciting to watch.

Debate 1: Is the Bible Corrupted?

Debate 2: Was the Quran Reliably Transmitted?


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