Two Great Debates on Roman Catholic Dogma: Mariology & the Papacy

These are indeed worthwile debates.  Although they took place quite some years ago, they are sure to last.  Why?  Because God’s truth endures forever, and James White, as always, does an excellent job defending the truth of God’s word (the Scriptures) against these man-made Traditions of the Roman Catholic Church.  James White makes a very strong biblical and historical case against these teachings, demonstrating in the process that the Scriptures are clear and sufficient for matters of faith and practice.  Only those who wish to hold on to their Traditions will continue to find in the Scriptures what is clearly not there.  Gerry Matatics’ hermeneutical approach to supporting the Marian dogmas from Scripture is a good example of how far one must use their imagination in an attempt to do so.  I also found it interesting that almost every time James White asked Matatics a pivitol question with regard to the biblical support and historicity of the Marian dogmas, Matatics would resond with “It’s irrelevant.”  With regard to the debate on the papacy, James White and Rob Zins (tag-team debate) make a very striking observation that the Roman Catholic side must rely on a long string of texts and arguments to arrive at their Tradition of the papacy; yet, there is always a better, exegetical alternative to the Roman Catholic perspective.  Simply put, Roman Catholics must read their Tradition into the text of Scripture.  If one were to read the Scriptures apart from the Traditions of the Roman Catholic Church, they simply would not, at least from an honest consideration of the text, come to the conclusions that Roman Catholics do.  With that being said, here are the links to the debates:

The Great Debate: Marian Dogmas

The Boston College Papacy Debate


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