1689 Confession LinkI confess the 1689 Confession because I confess the Bible, and the Confession is a faithful and thorough articulation of the truth of God’s word.  I know this partially has to do with the particular ecclesiastical and theological circles I’m within, but it seems like the 1689 Confession, and the theology it espouses, is being talked about all over the place.  This is a wonderful thing, and a reason for rejoicing.  I would love to see more and more Baptists become familiar with this historic Confession and the churchmen surrounding it, both in time past (e.g. William Collins, Hercules Collins, Nehemiah Coxe, Benjamin Keach, Charles Spurgeon) and in our own time (e.g. James Renihan, Samuel Waldron, Richard Barcellos, Robert Gonzales, James White, Pascal Denault, Tom Nettles, and many, many others).  The 2nd London Confession of Faith (1689) is rich in Reformed, congregational, Baptist theology; and the history surrounding it is just as exciting.  In hopes of spreading the word on this Confession, I’ve made available here a number of links to various sites that will guide you into a fuller understanding of the 1689 Confession, its history, and Reformed, congregational, and Baptist theology.  May you be blessed in your studies, and may God be glorified as His children study the doctrines of the Bible, so neatly laid out and expounded in the Confession.

1689 Federalism


It is Written

The Confessing Baptist

The Reformed Reader

Particular Voices

Reformed Baptist Fellowship

Association of Reformed Baptist Churches of America

Solid Ground Christian Books



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