Debate: Is the Bible the Only Infallible Rule of Faith? (James White vs. Tim Staples)

Sola Scriptura (Scripture alone) is a foundational doctrine of the Christian faith.  Every false sect of Christianity (to include Roman Catholicism, which Staples represents in this debate) denies this fundamental doctrine; and they must, otherwise many of their teachings must be set aside as the tradition of man.  What does sola Scriptura mean, and how is it defended?  James White does a wonderful job in this debate clarifying the teaching of sola Scriptura, defending it, and pointing out the errors of Roman Catholicism, which rejects this doctrine.  The Q/A session is especially exciting.  It actually gets quite heated.

I will point out now that Staples misrepresents sola Scriptura (and James’ actual argumentation quite often) and uses a double-standard argument (listen out for this in the debate).  Staples also takes a cheap shot by repeatedly associating White with Jehovah’s Witnesses, who deny biblical orthodoxy and repeatedly twist the Scriptures.  This is simply ridiculous and childish, as White has repeatedly debated JW’s and is far from being anything like them in his faith and hermeneutic.  In the course of the debate Staples affirms that the Church is not a Bible-based Church, but the Bible is a Church-based book.  I would ask you to think seriously about the implications of this, and how it meshes with Scripture.  Does the word of God come about by the Church or does the Church come about by the word of God?  To say that the Bible is a Church-based book is to make the Church authoritative over the Bible.

Thank you James White for your continual defense of the authoritative and sufficient word of God (the Holy Scripture).


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