The Lord’s Supper: A Sermon by D. A. Carson

D. A. CarsonI’ve been studying the ordinances lately, particularly the Lord’s Supper.  So far my study has been very insightful, encouraging, and fruitful.  The Lord is grounding me all the more in a Scriptural understanding of the ordinances that our Lord Jesus Christ as established for His Church to faithfully observe.  I recently came across a sermon by D. A. Carson on the Lord’s Supper, and I cannot express enough how much it has benefited my understanding and reverence of this rite (not the bread and wine itself, but the sacrificial death of Christ symbolized through the bread and wine).  Carson’s main focus is on 1 Corinthians 11:23-34, but he also addresses 10:16-22.  He does an excellent job explaining the gramatical-historal contexts of these texts, as well as the redemptive-historical significance of the Lord’s Supper.  There are six points to his sermon:

The Lord’s Supper is…

1. a center and symbol of Christian unity

2. a time to remember Christ’s sacrifice (the Gospel)

3. a proclamation of Christ’s sacrifice (the Gospel)

4. a temporary ordinance

5. an opportunity for moral and spiritual self-examination

6. a “dangerous” (solemn/serious) observance


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