Beacon of Truth

Beacon of Truth provides a Reformed Baptist witness in India.  This is a local church-minded, God-honoring, Christ-exalting, Gospel-saturated ministry team.  You can get a good sense of their convictions and passion from the following (from their Abouts page):

Beacon Of Truth has only one motivation and that is : God. We find our greatest passion and zeal in the person of God. His perfection draws us to worship Him and obey Him. His worthiness in worship causes us to have this insatiable desire to see Him and Him alone glorified in His creation. We recognise that for this great goal of God to see His Name glorified, He has ordained only one way – the regeneration of fallen, idolatrous men into worshippers, through the preaching of gospel truth and the sovereign working of the Holy Spirit. We also recognise that biblical truth should be continuously and accurately proclaimed for the new born saint to press on to perfection in his worship of God. Hence we labour in preaching the gospel and all the truth of God in purity and in all its fullness.
We find our greatest purpose in God and His efficacy to bring all His purposes to their end. Our goal is not to make any man happy or prosperous, but to see them become worshippers of God alone and find their happiness in Him and be prosperous in their knowledge of Him. To this end we labour, trusting in the supernatural providence of God, confident of His sovereignty and using those means alone that He has ordained: pure biblical preaching, God centred prayer, Christlike life and service.
We seek to serve God and His people freely and therefore we earn our living by ‘making tents’. We do this solely for the glory of God, testifying that ‘our sufficiency is of God’ (2 Corinthians 3:5). We believe in God’s unhindered power to take care of all our needs to survive on this earth and fulfil His will. Hence we do not endorse any type of begging in the name of Christ or sharing our ministerial needs to men.
We engage only in ministries where there is a proper proclamation of Biblical truth. Superficial evangelism, non-theological teaching, skits, concerts etc. are no substitute for expository preaching of the Bible. Whether it is oral or written, we seek to expound the Scriptures by the help of the Holy Spirit. For this, we labour in personal prayer and verse by verse systematic study of Scriptures. We seek to follow those methodologies alone which are prescribed in the Bible. We do not have any respect for modern man made techniques employed in the pulpit today. We believe so, as most pulpits today are void of the word due to these methods and are affluent with hollow philosophies, unscriptural insights and preposterous anecdotes. So we seek to follow the ‘old paths’ of the Bible in our preaching, our entreating of sinners to Christ, our verification of a soul’s condition and our teaching of believers.
Hence we believe:

  • That in evangelism, all that God desires is a pure proclamation of His word concerning His Son. We believe that He will use our proclamation of His word to regenerate the sinner to spiritual life.
  • That in our entreating of sinners to Christ, we are not to invite men to lift their hands or parrot a ready made prayer, but to follow the Apostolic practice in calling men to repentance, faith and personal discipleship.
  • In verifying the condition of souls in light of Scriptures and leading them to receive a witness of the Spirit for the assurance of their salvation.
  • That in our teaching of believers, we must continuously preach the whole counsel of God, exhort, encourage, correct and rebuke them as the need be, without showing any partiality but as spiritual fathers seeking the very best of their eternal destiny.

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