SGCB: Reformed Baptist Booklets

Solid Ground Christian Books has a plethora of classical and contemporary doctrinal and theological books from a Baptist and Reformed perspective.  If you go to this page you can order six Reformed Baptist booklets for just $2.50.  There is a good variety in this bundle:

1. Covenant Theology: A Reformed Baptist Overview

2. Baptism & Covenant Theology

3. A Critical Evaluation of Infant Baptism

4. The Implications of the Lord’s Supper

5. The Minister & His Study: The Place of Reading In Pastoral Ministry

6. Missionaries Should Be “Immersed” In Church

There are a number of other booklets you can purchase individually, ranging from $0.15 to $1.50.  Many of these booklets provide a great entry-way into further, more in-depth study.  Be sure to check out their site and support this faithful ministry by purchasing some books to add to your study.


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