SBC Focus

SBC Focus is a Southern Baptist group blog focusing on the gospel, theology, ministry, and more.  This blog aims to fill a void within the SBC blogosphere–the Calvinistic perspective.  This is a snippet from their About page:

It is our hope that SBC Focus serves as a way to present people with the face of Calvinism in the SBC. We want to show what it means to be a Southern Baptist who believes the theology commonly referred to as Calvinism. This website is not simply a place to argue for Calvinistic theology, though that will occur; this website is a place to offer a picture of the ministry commitments of Calvinists in the SBC. Along the way, we hope that people will realize that Calvinism is not an insidious evil and Calvinists are not the enemy. We hope to provide people a more accurate look at the theology of Calvinism and the ministry of Calvinists.

This blog exists to fill a void that currently exists in the SBC Blogosphere. Presently, there are two major collaborative blogs serving Southern Baptists. The first, SBC Today, provides a decidedly non-Calvinist perspective on events in the SBC, with a good deal of attention given to opposing Calvinism. The second, SBC Voices, takes a middle-of-the-road approach. On SBC Voices, one will find contributions by Calvinists and non-Calvinists alike. SBC Focus provides something new. Our regular and guest contributors primarily fall on the Calvinist side of the theological spectrum and will help to provide a glimpse into life as a Calvinist in the SBC.


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