Missionaries: Trevor Johnson (Papua)

Trevor Johnson and his wife, Teresa, are missionaries in Papua, Indonesia.  They have three children, Noah, Alethea, and Perpetua.  Both Trevor and Teresa are R.N.’s, and use their nursing skills to help care for the sick.  Often times they treat diseases and infections that are easily treatable in the States, but often go untreated in the remote, jungle region of Papua.  This lack of treatment sometimes leads to death.  Trevor is currently working toward a Doctorate in Missiology at Malaysia Baptist Theological Seminary.  He also actively trains Papuan pastors and evangelists for the ministry, and faithfully proclaims the gospel (often times to those who have never heard it before).  Their church home is Bible Baptist Church of Maplewood (Saint Louis), Missouri.  The missions organization they work through is World Team (Papua).

Please commit to praying for Trevor and his wife as they minister to the people of Papua.  Trevor has communicated to me that many of the Bible schools in the area are in great need of doctrinally sound teachers, as the schools and churches tend to be very weak.  You may find out more information about the Johnson’s ministry at their family blog TandTFamily, and Trevor’s personal blog Missions-A Sovereign Grace Perspective.  You may also read a very in-depth and enlightening interview of Trevor’s missions perspectives and missionary experiences here.


3 thoughts on “Missionaries: Trevor Johnson (Papua)

  1. Selamat Siang Septianus,

    Tolong email saya langsung di alamat saya:sovereigngracemissionary at gmail dot com.

    Tuhan memberkatimu, Trevor

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