Handling Election With Care: A Good Word by John Piper

The doctrine of election is a biblical doctrine that requires both humble acceptance and sensible application.  All too often we find one of two unsound extremes.  First, there are those who, due to a reluctance to accept the clear teaching of God’s sovereign election, seek to redefine it, only to turn the biblical doctrine on its theological head.  Second, there are those who accept the biblical doctrine, but misapply or abuse it in one of two ways: they believe the doctrine of election makes evangelism and missions void, or they are committed to evangelism and missions, but so emphasize this doctrine as to leave their hearers feeling hopeless (and at times their own hearts full of pride).  The truth of the matter is, the doctrine of election is a beautiful doctrine of God’s amazing grace toward sinners that not only beckons us to respond in evangelistic zeal, but likewise gives us assurance in our ministries that there will be fruit.  Simply put, those who repent and believe in the gospel have only their God to give the glory, and those who do not repent and believe in the gospel have only themselves (their hard hearts and stubborn wills) to blame.

In this short video (a clip from a sermon), John Piper helps us to view the doctrine of election with clarity (humble acceptance and sensible application).  His text is 2 Timothy 2:10: “Therefore I endure all things for the sake of the elect, that they also may obtain the salvation which is in Christ Jesus with eternal glory.”


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